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Your Journey to Career: Exploring Career & Technical Education (CTE)

You may not have heard the term "Career & Technical Education," but chances are that you are familiar with one of the programs offered at Idaho's high schools and career technical colleges.

Get Technical


Seventeen Idaho Career Technical Schools (CTS) and six technical colleges across the state provide robust career-focused instruction to students in grades 8-12. The curriculum is made available to students attending regular Idaho high schools as well, often via CTE Digital.

When you enroll in a CTE program, you learn by doing and gain real-world skills that employers are seeking.

Find out which CTE program and/or student organization is right for you, and ask your school counselor about the possibilities.

Do you love:

Working with plants and or animals?
Ask about programs in Agriculture & Natural Resources and FFA

Dreaming up and starting new businesses?
Ask about programs in Business & Marketing and BPA & DECA

Figuring out how things work or designing them to be better?
Ask about programs in Engineering & Technology and TSA

Making gourmet food, designing clothes, or helping children grow?
Ask about programs in Family & Consumer Sciences and FCCLA

Helping people feel healthier?
Ask about programs in Health Sciences and HOSA

Building, fixing, or making things?
Ask about programs in Skilled & Technical Sciences and SkillsUSA

If the program you are passionate about isn’t available at your high school, there are six technical colleges in Idaho, waiting for you when you graduate:

College of Southern Idaho, Twin Falls

College of Western Idaho, Nampa

College of Eastern Idaho, Idaho Falls

Idaho State University College of Technology, Pocatello

Lewis-Clark State College, Lewiston

North Idaho College, Coeur d’Alene

If you want to find out more about getting into a technical college program, contact a transition coordinator, who can answer your questions and get you going in the right direction.