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Resources For Counselors, Advisors & Mentors

You’re someone people depend on—for guidance, wisdom, and support. And if you help someone with the next step in their career or education, your efforts can change lives for the better by connecting people with opportunities for a brighter future. Next Steps Idaho has information, self-reflection and career evaluation activities, and planning tools to help those you serve achieve their goals.

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Use these interactive quizzes and planning tools to help your client/mentee explore how their interests can translate into a rewarding career. And, help them make a plan to get there.
Help your client/mentee research careers. They'll find in-demand careers, wages, job descriptions & training/education for 100’s of jobs. They can search for a specific career title or industry and filter results by desired salary, career cluster (industry area), education needed, and career interest types, and compare careers side-by-side.
Find information and tools to help your client/mentee find training programs to pursue their chosen career path.
Discover resources and tools to help clients/mentees think through how their skills and interests map to careers and learn about the training they need to get a job. You'll also find helpful information about developing additional skills to advance their career.
Help your client/mentee understand the training and education landscape - from apprenticeships and work-based learning to 2- and 4- year college programs that might be a fit for their goals.
Idahoans can match their current skills to what employers across the state need and apply for training funds to build their skills.
Some of the most popular Next Steps Idaho resources can be found in Spanish! Use these grade-level checklists and conversation guides to help plan for the future.
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Life Costs Money. But How Much Is Needed?

New pick-up truck? Their own apartment? The people you're advising can explore the lifestyle they want by calculating all of their monthly costs, finding the careers and jobs that can support that lifestyle, and identifying the training they need for those careers.
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Careers That Fit

This quick quiz helps people understand their interests and strengths. The results will show them careers they may want to consider based on who they are and where you want to go.